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Is ChefVille, Zynga’s new cooking game, the end of Cafe World?

It certainly looks that way. Amid the flurry of Facebook games announced recently during Zynga Unleashed, Zynga revealed that there’s a new (and admittedly improved) cooking game in town: ChefVille. In this upcoming social game, players get to create their dream kitchen and serve various worldly dishes to their friends… Continue »
18 July 2013 | CityVille | , , , , , |    

ChefVille ‘Ranch Requests’ Quests: Everything you need to know

While it’s fun to cook on ChefVille‘s many appliances, especially now that we have a Mayonnaise Dispenser for sandwiches and a Cranberry Crate for Thanksgiving dishes, there’s still a noteworthy lack of a ranch dispenser in our restaurants. Tons of dishes require Ranch Dressing, and yet it’s one of the… Continue »
25 November 2012 | CityVille | , , , , , , |    

ChefVille Aftertaste: Bring on the Christmas cheer

For all of the complaints we as ChefVille players can make about Zynga‘s lovely cooking game, there’s still an undeniable charm and addictive quality that keeps us going (and apparently millions of other players). Sure, earning Ribbons instead of Mastery Stars can be annoying at times, as it makes us… Continue »
23 November 2012 | CityVille | , , , , |    

ChefVille ‘Dip It Good’ Quests: Everything you need to know

While most ChefVille players are busy working to complete the game’s many Thanksgiving-themed dishes and quests, there’s another time-limited feature that has just launched in the game. A new series of “Dip It Good” quests introduces us to the Dip Station, a new kitchen appliance that opens up an opportunity… Continue »
23 November 2012 | CityVille | , , , , , , |    

ChefVille ‘The Chef’s Table’ Quests: Everything you need to know

In addition to the new set of Thanksgiving Roaster quests that were released this afternoon in ChefVille, players can now also complete a pair of “Chef’s Table” quests from Madeline. These quests are timed and must be completed over the next six days. We’re here with a guide to help… Continue »
20 November 2012 | CityVille | , , , , , , , |    

ChefVille ‘Bello’s Roast’ Quests: Everything you need to know

It’s been a few days since the massive Thanksgiving event launched in ChefVille, and I hope you’ve been able to earn all 24 of the available Ribbons via the Thanksgiving Oven within that time. Why? Well, a new Thanksgiving Roaster appliance and an additional four-part quest series has just been… Continue »
20 November 2012 | CityVille | , , , , , , |    
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